INTUITION: How To Use It for Success and Happiness by Milton Fisher

INTUITION: How To Use It for Success and Happiness

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Tapping the subliminal again--as usual, in hot pursuit of the expanded self and fulfilled potential. The idea is to develop your right brain--the ""intuitive"" or creative side--to counteract the limits of the left (conscious or logical) side. This requires dream recall and interpretation, visualization exercises (with music or the sky), keeping a diary of problem-solving techniques, and similar conscious, analytical approaches to coaxing intuition out of its hiding place. The exercises get more and more bizarre--like establishing a ""Karma Connection"" with an object in the park--but all are pretty much based on deep breathing/relaxation methods, coupled with free association. There are also the expected testimonials from those whose entire career was saved by one glittering intuitive insight--also known as the ""Aha!"" moment. ""Your intuitive sense is an invaluable 'bullshit detector,'"" we are comforted. Intuitively, then, you'll detect what this is.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1981
Publisher: Dutton