WORLD WITHOUT END by Molly & Warren Murphy Cochran


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Fantasy involving psychic powers, Atlantis, reincarnation, and sinister conspiracies, from the authors of The Forever King (1992). Orphan, sailor, and diver Sam Smith, living on a boat with irascible Floridian Darian McCabe, often hears a woman's voice psychically calling to him when he dives into the dangerous waters known as the Peaks. On one dive, Sam goes too deep, gets the bends--and discovers a huge, oddly cut magic diamond. Hospitalized, he meets Dr. Cory Althorpe, another psychic (she's linked to a group called the Rememberers--they all dream of pyramids and volcanoes) who shares Sam's rare blood type. Other Rememberers congregate nearby as the opposition, the Consortium, try to murder them and grab the diamond. Thousands of years ago, you see, Atlantis lay on an island in the Bermuda Triangle and was ruled by King Zeus; once Atlantis fell, Zeus's descendants became psychics, healers, and Rememberers--while vengeful Hades, Zeus's rival, founded the Consortium dedicated to wiping out the psychics. Eventually, Sam is transported back to the last days of Atlantis, where he strives to change history and bring a new Atlantis into the modern world. A yarn that begins engagingly enough but grows increasingly gnarled and absurd, with an ending compounded of equal parts hokum and the saccharine: for die-hard Atlanteans only.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1996
Page count: 384pp
Publisher: Tor