RAPPAPORT by Morris Lurie


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Rappaport's an articulate if rather incoherent Morgan character--fallout from that mad, mod world? He runs an antique shop (ibid junk), has only one suit--pink, and is an avid collector of American magazines. His best friend Friedlander likes them too, but ""buys records the way most people buy bread."" Friedlander writes ads for brassieres, but is talking about going to Russia. Or Europe, to paint. This tapes their rather aimless activities during twenty four hours (Rappaport falls in love with a thirty foot sideboard, buys it, can't get it in his shop and hacks it to pieces) and they're quite bewildering. Lurie, like Rappaport, has a certain restless energy--maybe it will settle down and shape up into a talent?

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1967
Publisher: Morrow