SEXUAL NUTRITION: The Ultimate Program for Total Sexual Health by Morton & Joan Walker Walker

SEXUAL NUTRITION: The Ultimate Program for Total Sexual Health

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Old folderol with new trimmings. The Walkers are right about one thing: sexual response is affected by the body's general state of health--so a healthful diet allows for a happier sex life. But it's not enough, say the Walkers, to cut down on sugars, saturated fats, refined foods, and such: there are, they proclaim, ""Vitamins and Minerals That Make You Horny."" For various conditions from threatened abortion to menstrual cramps to impotence, try: phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, the bioflavonoids, vitamin A, B-vitamins, herbs (black cohosh, wild yam root, camomile, tansy, cramp bark, snakeweed, blessed thistle, etc.), spirulina, aloe vera, MaxEPA, fasting, musk oil, glandular extracts, EDTA chelation therapy, or DMSO. If they, don't work, ""You may be allergic to sex--not to the acts of intercourse themselves, but to irritants in your immediate surroundings."" Anything of possible use here is lost amid the bits, pieces, and chunks borrowed from myriad therapies. No one could--or should bother trying to--figure it all out.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1983
Publisher: Coward-McCann