THE LIFE OF POETRY by Muriel Rukeyser


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A passionate plea for poetry, its place in the modern world and the increased production and improved quality are embodied in this new volume of prose by a well-known poet. To paraphrase Voltaire, it is easy to concur heartily with Miss Rukeyser's point of view and yet quarrel with her mode of expressing it. Her over-emotional and turgid writing, her tortured sentence structure, her hot and often forced images, the general tone of soapbox cratory, do not seem to be the best way to ""sell"" an art, which without argument has a hard time thrusting up its head in our brutal civilization. Miss Rukeyser calls for singing a faith in a better future. One may hope the language of the future will be more harmonious, melodious and less agonized than what she uses herein. She has a following -- perhaps to them this volume will appeal.

Pub Date: Nov. 21st, 1949
ISBN: 0963818333
Publisher: A. A. Wyn