BRIAN BENSON by Myron Levoy


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Brian is a ""Princeton Man,"" a boy with a twitch because his sexual batting average is low on the All American college scoreboard. Mainly because of Carol, his All American girl whose goodnight kisses comprise the extent of her sexual repertoire. So he goes to Greenwich Village where he becomes involved, finally, and reasonably satisfactorily with Vera, a Zenist with Bolshevik tendencies and weirdo releases for her highly imaginative energies. In the meantime he consults with roommate Mel, a Jewish intellectual who is liberally trying to make it with Diane, a Negro student. He also gets Brian involved in leftist holiday antics like peace marches etc. Then there's Lawrence Whitman the Third who also tries to help by introducing Brian to his first ""call girl"" house. Brian comes off as a goodnatured chucklehead, dubiously enchanted with the scenes he makes in this short book which does poke fun at our current institutional traumas. But it's strictly for the undergraduate.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Vanguard