THE BIRTHDAY GOAT by Nancy Dingman Watson


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A quaint mock melodrama in comic strip format about a goat family which celebrates young Paulette's birthday at the carnival despite the Daily Bleat's warning of a kidnapper (get it?) at large on the grounds. Close behind the goats through all the rides is an unsavory looking boar in overalls. ""What is he doing there?"" muses Papa whose declamation is not always so concise, and later -- when the suspect has unhitched their carousel pumpkin coach and baby Souci disappears in the ensuing tumble -- he thunders ""To the constabulary!"" The scoundrel apprehended and Souci discovered hiding under Mama's lost hat, the family leaves the frequently cluttered and frenzied carnival scene for the tranquil, charmingly pictured row house from which they had set forth ""one fine spring morning."" It's impossible to get through this without being waylaid by all the signs, asides and detailed watercolors (remember Father Fox's Pennyrhymes, 1971) -- which will delight many despite the borderline coyness of the concept.

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1974
Publisher: T.Y. Crowell