A BLUE FOR ILLI by Nancy Hartwell
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By the author of Who Was Syl, Gabriella and other good mystery-career-romances, this story of a Hungarian girl's indoctrination to suburban New York and the change in her pessimistic view of life, passes the test for teen-age popularity with flying colors. Settled with the Enrights- a book reviewer and his wife and their crippled daughter Ardis, 17 year old Illi is beginning to feel wanted when Ardis' cousin Mark- breezy and, to Illi, too apt to take his friendships lightly- comes to stay with them. Then Neal, a boy who works on a neighboring farm, opens a new interest- horses. The round of friendships and antagonisms -- with an increasing group of young people as Illi's and Ardis' acquaintances widen- work themselves out to new understandings until Mark and Neal are on their way to solid careers, Ardis to new health and a happy marriage and Illi to a confirmation of her belief in the goodness of people. A book that faces a number of issues fairly, and squarely.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1954
Publisher: Holt