THE HIGHEST HIT by Nancy Willard


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For much of this first-person account of her everyday small-town activities, Kate's attention seems to flit from putting out a dittoed neighborhood newspaper. . . to teaching her mother to play baseball. . . to visiting with old Mr. Goldberg. . . to snooping on the local priest for her new Catholic friend who has a crush on Father Beasley. . . to setting traps here and there in hopes of catching an animal she can enter in the upcoming Rotary pet show. This last emerges as her leading concern, and though the traps yield only a skunk in heat, Kate does acquire a rabbit from a visiting musician who has inadvertently trapped her in his guillotine. Then the rabbit escapes before the show and when Kate (seemingly unaware that Keats' Archy had the same idea) gets first prize anyway for her entry of an invisible germ in an aspirin bottle, the watch she's been looking forward to winning turns out to be just a toy. The ending is conventional--Kate gets Mr. Goldberg's watch upon the old man's move to Florida, but then would rather have Mr. Goldberg back--but the unpretentious story is fitfully amusing.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1978
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich