SHIFTING GEARS: Finding Security in a Changing World by Nena & George O'Neill

SHIFTING GEARS: Finding Security in a Changing World

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A variation on the power of positive thinking by those cicerones through future shock whose success with Open Marriage assures a ready made following -- but how fresh you'll find these observations will depend on how long you've been contemplating your navel. Is anyone really going to be surprised to learn that we live in a crisis culture, that we're glutted with options, that we've become emotional consumers (encounter groups, liberated sex), or that the traditional supports like religion and mom are off doing their own thing? So what's a poor muddled citizen to do? Learn to synchronize the inner self with society, say the O'Neills, center internally while focusing externally, and they suggest ways to change a Static Life Plan into a Dynamic Life Strategy. In short, shift gears -- which is at least more sensible than astrology and a lot less demanding than yoga.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1974
Publisher: Evans