MY DOUBLE LIFE by Newman Levy


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Prominent lawyer in both civil and criminal cases, former assistant district attorney, light versifier, playwright and play doctor, essayist, gagman (in the radio revival of Weber & Fields), bon vivant among New York's eliter and prankier cocktail intellects, psychoanalysand -- these are Mr. Levy's prepossessing claims upon our attention. They serve. But with all the variety, intensity, and drama of his life, what is most appealing is Mr. Levy's quality of rough and ready candor. Without extravagant confession or revelation, Mr. Levy describes the entrenched pomposity of his father- his dislike of that courtroom immortal, Steuer- his tactics and experiences in that limbo of extralegality where, willy-nilly, justice triumphs. The same candor obtains in Mr. Levy's own self-appreciation, in his personal opinions on the eternal verities, and especially in his style. The book smacks of old bourbon and Havana cigars- and men will enjoy it.

Publisher: Doubleday