SUN, SEA AND SKY: ther in Our World and in Our Lives by

SUN, SEA AND SKY: ther in Our World and in Our Lives

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The story of weather and what makes it and what it means to know about and control it is one to alert everyone. A meteorologist who specializes in cloudseeding and a newspaperman here combine forces to bring this story to the general reader. They describe the atmosphere in which we live, its relation to us, the types of weather and the weather-breeding areas of the world. What knowledge of the weather meant in World War II -- in preparation for D-Day -- as well as in other wars, forms further impressive evidence of weather's importance, one acknowledged in the field of agriculture, business, day by day living, and even movie-making. From modern theories on the way our atmosphere acts and illustrations of forecasting at work, the authors take us into another fascinating area, that of the science of weather modification. How cloud-seeding began and now progresses, its place in our world, both are realistically discussed, and there is an eye to the conservation that must become a practice in our partnership with rather than despoiling of nature. Newsworthy. Illustrations and a forecast chart are included. Style and subject should bring a sizable market.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1954
Publisher: Lippincott