FRACTURED ENGLISH by Norton Mockridge


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Mr. Mockridge is a columnut for the N.Y. World Telegram and advorates a pool of taught of ""scrambled syntax, nutty nouns, varicose verbs, preposterous predicates, and reptured rhetoric"" for people who wheel in ""vaporous verbs, vagrant vernacular, peripatetic prose, perverse pronouns and traumatic terminology."" His exampills have been clapped up and read in high and hire schools with one perfector aknowledging ""Your columns are being pursued and bisected in class to help students get a better rasp on English usery and thus become more proficious in the art of commuting with one another."" Aside from edusaytion, this book is for the Walter Winchell bleeder who has cut his eyes on John Lemon's In His Own Rite. In the Child's garden of worses we mind ""Hark the angel Harold sings;"" ""Lead us not into Penn Station;"" and ""one naked individual with liberty and justice for all."" Adult Quipsters are not as kidding but sometimes more ingenue; Mayor Wagner...""I have reiterated over again what I have said before."" Proseducers, polyticians, Athfeats, Avenue Madsons and smothers are some of which have died in the bull. Occasional pun.

Publisher: Doubleday