THE GIFT OF ACABAR by Og & Buddy Kaye Mandino


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I have never experienced a storm like this before. I don't know what to d-d-d-do,"" says Tulo, a 14-year-old crippled orphan whose Lapland village is suffering a severe winter energy shortage. But since this mini-book is dedicated ""to everyone who still believes in miracles,"" Tulo does know what to do: inspired by a dream, he flies a kite and catches a star to provide heat and light--a talking star named Acabar. Acabar has allowed Tulo to catch him so that he can give Tulo a gift--""Credenda. . . a Latin word for matters of faith or doctrines to be believed,"" doctrines that sound an awful lot like Dale Carnegie or est. And when Acabar is reduced to a cinder by the villagers' squabblings, a liberated star named Lirra arrives (""What makes you think that all heavenly beings are male any more than earth people?""), and then Tulo ""ascends""--in order to float around the world and generate interest in Credenda. ""If you look, you too will discover Tulo, with your eyes. . . and your heart. . . ."" Insults the intelligence of young and old alike.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1978
ISBN: 0553260847
Publisher: Lippincott