THE NEW NUTCRACKER SUITE & Other Innocent Verses by Ogden Nash
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THE NEW NUTCRACKER SUITE & Other Innocent Verses

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**This is a book for all ages, from small listeners to the grownups who read aloud to them. The gay postery pictures by zan Chermayeff provide visual pleasures to the very smallest, and the beguiling jingles, with the word play only Ogden Nash achieves today, take one on a and glimmering trip. Not only is there Nash's version of the Nutcracker Suite (there's a Columbia that gives them spoken by Peter Ustinov to Tehaikovsky's must with ), but the ""Other Innocent Verses"" are equally enchanting, designed as they are to ""make us birthdays not so on"" if you can bear to risk a sampling, the . The Organ and I defy you not to go back to the beginning and through to end.

Publisher: Little, Brown