EVERY FRENCHMAN HAS ONE by Olivia De Havilland


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Ten years ago Olivia De Havilland, with a three year old son and three quarters of a divorce, went to France where she met and later married Pierre Galante of Paris Match. These gay, intentionally ingenuous pieces trifle with some of the transatlantic distinctions she has learned to make, as well as certain accommodations-from Fahrenheit to Centigrade on a thermometer reading, to strenuous standards of chic and the beauty salon, to the lack of service-- the little French maid is a myth; bygone too is the notion that ""infidelity is as common.. as cafe complet"" in the French husband. But there are other difficulties; the subtleties of the language; the menace of the male when motorized; and if you're wondering what every Frenchman has, it's a liver and it is the weathervane of his wellbeing, to which he devotes constant care and consideration. The ladies now have another functional difficulty, in a country where that philosophy of vive la difference is expressed in a lack of plumbing privileges. Here, however, Miss De Havilland caters to them- and they will enjoy her pert commentary.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Random House