SITUATION IN ASIA by Owen Lattimore
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Solution in Asia established Lattimore as able- beyond perhaps any other writer on Asia to make a complex situation comprehensible to the American reading public. He knows whereof he writes; he has faith in American democracy; he has faith in Asia as an opening horizon where American cooperation and understanding can help towards constructive activity of free peoples. In this new book he builds his case for a new approach in America's foreign policy towards Asia. He reviews the march of time- the changes the war has brought about- the collapse of some of our illusions, the lingering delusions that must be destroyed. He feels we cannot handle Europe first and then Asia. It is One World. The heritage of Empire, the collapse of colonial policies, the emergence of nationalism, the failure of our policy in China, the challenge of firm frontiers of the Soviet, the new sense of power among the people who feel that the end of war brought the beginning of effort- all these aspects of the situation are concisely and succinctly presented. He sees Japan as nobody's ally; as Asia goes, so goes Japan- not the reverse. He has no illusions as to the Russian danger, but does not feel it inevitable- if we can revise our thinking, take our stand on policies not on persons, accepting nationalism as the bedrock of political structure. He outlines the essentials of American policy- necessary change. An interesting book.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1949
Publisher: Little, Brown (A.M.P.)