FLOWER CRAFT by Patricia Easterbrook Roberts


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This is specifically intended for the florist who hasn't already extensive knowledge and experience -- or the layman who wants to open a flower shop. Much of the information would interest garden club members who go in for showing, but the application to the average housewife is too slight for emphasis. Plenty of helpful lists as to seasonal flowers, greens, plants add value to the concrete advice on the care of flowers, damage control, color harmony, principles of arrangement (composition, balance, unity), adjuncts to basic equipment for flower arrangements, containers, etc. There's an excellent chapter on foliage, varieties of green stuffs, uses. There's sound advice on making of corsages, with some original ideas on what to use. There are notes on doing flowers for the home, for table decoration, for parties, for church decorations, for festivals. There are a few uninspired hints on use of dried materials, on floral novelties. Call the book to the attention of local florists; carry one copy on vocational shelf.

Publisher: Crown