SHOW RING ROGUE by Patsey Gray


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When Sheila is left with a crippled leg as a result of polio, a California doctor prescribes extensive horse back riding for therapy. Sheila's father leaves her with Marty Martin and his daughter, who train, ride and live horses. Embittered and rebellious, Sheila refuses to ride, fearing people will notice the awkward shoes she wears. But, when she sees The Rogue, a horse known for his nasty temper, she feels she has met her soul-mate, and quickly befriends the animal. The author of The Diving Horse (1960, p. 757, J-272) and Challenger (1959, p. 446, J-250), writes dramatically about horses and horse fanatics in a manner which will provoke the approval of countless young female horse-worshippers.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1963
Publisher: Coward-McCann