MANXMOUSE by Paul Gallico


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Another allegorical cupcake, all over icing, from the sugar plum pantry of the Gallico preserves. Now the winsome hero of Whimsyland is the Manxmouse, a shivering, timorous beastie, blue and tailless, originally constructed by a boozy ceramist. Manxmouse goes his journey wide-eyed and innocent, encountering a hawk, a pet store man, a little girl, etc., etc., but refuses to submit to the terrible Clutterbumph, which is an embodiment of self-eated fear. (Fortunately the Clutterbumph is sufficiently articulate to tell us this.) Confronting his fate at last, Manxmouse refuses to be eaten by Manxeal ""as was written,"" and conquers fear. We were hoping that Manxcat would shape up and devour the little nuisance, but it apparently found Manxmouse as painful to stomach as we did. A fable for the faithful only.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1968
Publisher: Coward-McCann