SNOWFLAKE by Paul Gallico


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A novelette similar to The Snow in its inspirational message follows the life and death of a snowflake, which, although sensing a dear and tender love, wonders about the secret of her being, who created her and for what purpose. Falling on a field near a mountain village, Snowflake is made happy by a little girl, a cow and the joy she causes passersby when she becomes part of the nose of a snowman. When it is wrecked by its original, the schoolmaster, Snowflake is buried under another storm, and her prayer to her Maker is answered by the spring thaw when she dissolves into a drop of water and rushes with the freshet to the river. She helps to turn a mill wheel, meets Raindrop and becomes one with him. There's quietness in a lake, a fire in a town that they and their four children help put out -- and save a child, the loss of Raindrop and the four children as they reach the sea and Snowflake goes on, lonely and questioning, until she reaches southern waters where she evaporates. But before she goes she knows her part in the great design, the usefulness of her humble life and the great Love that has planned her course. A simply told allegory to teach, at primer level, a faith and a humility. The market as before with a plus-sale possibility.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1953
Publisher: Doubleday