JAMES ENSOR by Paul Haesaerts


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Strongly decorative, humorous, bizarre, the works of James Ensor are among the most immediately likeable of the modern artistic repertoire. Born in Ostend, he was highly influenced by his Flemish predecessors and compelled by the mystical elements he felt in the sea. Preoccupied with the love-death theme, Ensor's fine craftmanship bespeaks both impressionist, expressionist, and surrealist tendencies, though at the basis of his colorful canvases lies the signature of the romantic. In this comprehensive study, 512 reproductions, quotations from Ensor's own writings, and photographs allow the reader a full view of the man and his vision which is made coherent by the excellent biographical and artistic analysis offered by the author. A book to please and fascinate, James Ensor should find a sympathetic response from both serious students of contemporary art and from those who ask no more than to be pleasantly refreshed and entertained.

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams