UNITE OR PERISH by Paul Reynaud


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An impassioned, often brilliant, soundly informed plea for a united Europe before is too late, presented on economic, political and military levels, written by France's premier at the time of its fall in 1940. Of particular interest is the inside story of France's refusal of Churchill's last minute offer of union with Britain-- and his present attitude toward Britain's part in the Schumann plan and the Council of Europe. He feels that Europe could equal the colossun of Russia, supporting his thesis with analysis of the current political, economic and military balance sheets. He then deals individually with the military aspects of the North Atlantic Pact, the Schumann Plan and the Council of Europe, their relation to European recovery, the increased surrender of national sovereignty, and the necessity of greater cooperation from England and the Scandinavian countries. A liberal Freach leader speaks his mind.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster