SHIFT TO HIGH by Peggy Hoffmann
Kirkus Star


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Mrs. Hoffmann doesn't put the title to work until almost the end of her book but it still has some assets not to be minimized; namely, a nice boy, Rufus Regan-- a genuinely young vernacular--and an unfamiliar story which deals with a camping trip in a homemade car as undertaken by Rufus, his older brother, Tork, and Tork's friend Dru. Rufus, surrounded by ""an impenetrable forest of brothers"" and an indulged baby sister, has always been ""the lost Regan."" Now on the trip he not only finds himself but others discover his neglected capabilities-- he does the cooking; he also gets a job (as a mother's helper) to raise the money for a new car part when Crate the Grate breaks down; he even manages to drive it when Tork and Dru come down with sumac poisoning. The story is fuelled by a number of calamitous incidents, enterprise, and a really likable youngster. Much more successful than The Wild Rocket (1960).

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1965
Publisher: Westminster