SEX, LOVE AND THE PERSON by Peter A. Bertocci


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Dr. Bertocci's purpose in this book is to resolve at least part of the confusion that has resulted in the Church from the impact of the ""new morality"" on traditional sexual values. He is concerned primarily with that tenet of the sexual revolution whereby premarital sexual relations may be justified on the basis of a new and more profound understanding of the nature of love and of the human personality. Bertocci's examination of these concepts, although phrased in relatively modern terms, follows traditional lines and engenders a traditional conclusion: that the exigencies of love and of the human personality are best--or rather, exclusively--served within the framework of marriage. The book is therefore a muted, but uncompromising apologetic for the ""old morality""; as such, it offers little that will interest readers other than those who share the author's views.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1967
Publisher: Sheed & Ward