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A highly sensitive but unsparing record of physical and spiritual healing follows Peter Greave, a Leper, from India where he had been ""skulking and dodging in squalid rooms"", to a small Leper Home in England- run by Anglican sisters. Contracting the disease, as a child, which was not to manifest itself for many years, stranded at 16, and in his 20's when he heard the ""ugly, outcast"" word of the diagnosis, Greave, dreading the mutilations of others as well as his own, along with the ""spiritual smirching"" of this disease, lived alone and on the run for as long as he could. The first miracle brought him to England; the second would take him out of the Home. This account deals with the new life which was to begin there; with the doctors, the Sisters, the patients, but largely within himself as he enters a ""strange, unknown dimension of the spirit"". The spring brings its regeneration, strengthened by a bright summer; a new drug accomplished his second miracle but he is unready for the news that his tests are negative and that he will soon be free, until he finds the answer outside himself- in the new faith he has found.... Some years ago, Who Walk Alone found a certain audience which this may equal, for this disease with its humiliating disfigurement and excommunication should match suffering with sympathy.

Publisher: Henry Holt