SABRE-TOOTH by Peter O'Donnell


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The whole story: Modesty Blaise, our heroine, is the demigoddess of a British comic-strip about a girl crime- commando who is the counterpart of J. Bond. She has his expertise in everything. Last year Modesty Blaise was picked up by the movies and made into a superpop flick now about to be released. The present novel is timed for perfect merchandising with the film. In this caper Modesty and her batman film Willie Garvin foil a Russo-Chinese plot to take over Kuwait and a quarter of the world's oil. A crack squadron of mercenaries is being trained secretly to effect the coup, Operation Sabre-Tooth. The evil Karz decides that he needs the famous Modesty and Willie as commanders and so he kidnaps their semi-adopted daughter. More interesting is the paraphernalia of Modesty's background, her training in Thai-style fighting, Willie's arsenal of killer gadgets, and a flow of filler information about Modesty's former crime cartel, The Network. There's plenty of sex, with Modesty subjected to a gang bang...By year's end, Modesty may well be a household name, if the flick is as funny as the books.

Publisher: Doubleday