SEA GYPSY by Peter Tangvald


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Tangvald spent five years circumnavigating the globe in a sail-powered, motorless yacht, a trip which he exploits here with great enthusiasm and enviable lightheartedness. The voyage had been the supreme dream of his youth and he had spent many years and three wives in developing his seamanship. His third wife seems to have given him the most trouble but, as he says, when she put the choice to him, it's always easier to get a new wife than a new ship. His great voyage started from England and was at times interrupted to earn money, accomplish seductions, and to have a few months wining and dining as a lionized guest at various ports. (Tangvald's ear was pierced by his West Indian mistress and he has since worn her gold earring; his fourth wife doesn't appear to mind.) he paints several idyllic interludes aptly, but all was not roses. Both he and Mrs. Tangvald IV suffered severe heart attacks during Force 10 gales which tossed them for days on end as they lay dying. Stops include Casablanca, Tahiti, Honolulu, the Marquesas, and passage of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Grecian Isles. Tangvald's sailing style is flat out at ten/tenths of the ship's ability night and day. His writing style calls for a tight typewriter free of dust and detritus.

Publisher: Dutton