KILLER by Peter Tonkin


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Heavy-breathing arctic adventure from the Dino De Laurentiis school of supermonsters. A gigantic killer whale, specially bred at a marine facility in Oregon, escapes to the open sea. He's 39 feet long and weighs seven tons, enormously larger than the normal killer whale, and has been trained since calfhood to attack certain humans and ships. When he mistakenly swallows an American and is fired upon by his former beloved trainers, the confused monster abandons civilization and takes over a large pack of killers. Meanwhile, Kate Warren, an honors graduate of Oxford who is following in her father's footsteps as a researcher in marine biology, joins Dad on an arctic expedition. But as they wing north to set up camp, their plane goes down and crashes onto an ice floe. Seven of the team escape and manage to rescue some camping equipment before the plane catches fire and blows up. The explosion loosens the floe from its mooring and away they float on the melting ice. Old rivalries from the past emerge, but their threat of violence is overwhelmed first by an attacking polar bear and then by the killer whales. The other whales pick up some of their leader's madness toward humans, and they begin battering the thin floe to pieces. Then a pack of 200 walruses invade the weak ice, trying to escape the frenzied whales--and slaughter erupts everywhere. At last we are down to three scientists versus the killer and his mate. . . . A whirlwind of gore, twirled competently enough to please the carnage-in-the-wilderness crowd.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Coward, McCarm & Geoghegan