A MAN OF TASTE & Other Stories by Philip Freund

A MAN OF TASTE & Other Stories

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In this volume of short stories, Mr. Freund touches many spots in the world,- from Venezuela to Vermont, from Vienna to New York, from Warsaw to Wisconsin. Once again he follows an almost austerely conservative pattern, far from the trigger construction of most of today's short story writing. In successive stories he aims at some fundamental value:- whether a gentleman such as The Man of Taste is justified in killing so that he might contemplate Beauty; whether a musician can achieve a stature of genius through inspiration; whether the urge to accumulate wealth is ever worthwhile. There are abstract themes of friendship, love, death, art, distrust. In two- The Goldhunter and A Man of Taste there is some degree of action, dialog, valid horror. Most of the stories lack any flavor of reality and the characters are two dimensional. For the limited market of Mr. Freund's admirers.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1949
Publisher: Beechhurst