FIGHT LIKE A FALCON by Philip Harkins


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A bird of prey, the falcon was not only the name of Colorado's Air Force Academy, it was also the mascot symbol of the school. According to Cadet Gregson, Neal Davis' ability on the football field, and his academic standing potentially qualified him for acceptance there. Training hard, Neal passes the tests and becomes a ""doolie"" at the honored Academy. But the tests of hazing and accepting end position on the freshman team seemed more difficult to pass. Luckily, this academy allowed for a certain amount of retaliation and Neal with his comic roommate do get in their blows. Tryouts for the varsity team are suspenseful, but Neal makes it and subsequently fulfills all the expectations of a true fighting falcon. The picture of military academy life presented by an established sports writer is a challenging rather than a grim one, and the football sequences, although plentiful, do not monopolize the text.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow