A SURFEIT OF ALIBIS by Philip Lauben


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Again, as in A Nice Sound Alibi (1981), Lauben's folksy/literate narration finds genial fun in a routine plot--as well-read Capt. Homer Clay of Humber Falls, Ky., investigates the death of a youngish local schoolteacher. Did Linda Connolly--in delicate health--die of a heart attack? If so, why is her body found in the garage of imperious matron Ella Brundage? Could it be that Linda died (from over-excitement) while in bed with some local Lothario--and that the body was dumped to avoid scandal? So wonders Capt. Clay as he talks to Carol's principal and her neighbors at a semi-swinging apartment complex. Then another sudden-death surfaces--the murder of a shady sort who worked part-time at the complex. Are the deaths connected? Was the second victim a blackmailer who knew about scandalous doings? Capt. Clay figures it all out, without many surprises--but the amusing touches (mama Clay's matchmaking attempts, the sensationalism of local newsfolk, etc.) help to make the whole enterprise easy-going, wisely modest entertainment.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's