OPUS 21 by Philip Wylie


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Philip Wylie, all worked up again, and the reader up to a point, as he entertains the probability of an inoperable throat cancer. Over a long, hot weekend (between the biopsy and the verdict) Wylie gets himself mixed up with (a) Yvonne, who runs away from her husband when she learns of his homosexual involvement; (b) his nephew, Paul, in love with Marcia, once a whore; (c) Gwen, also a high-class houri. He intervenes rather successfully as by combining Yvonne and Gwen, he reveals the unfulfilled inclinations in Yvonne which enable her to return to her husband- having done likewise; and by proving that Marcia is not the girl for Paul. And Phil himself is given a medical free and clear by Monday morning... In all this, Doo Wylie is again at his most vehement and voluble on God, death, psychiatry, and sex- buttressed by the Kinsey report. Lots of combustibles here, for what is by now an avid audience.

Publisher: Rinehart