THE WINTER PEOPLE by Phillis A Whitney


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Awe or Aww. . . no matter how you look at it there's nothing you can really say about Miss Whitney's emotional extravaganzas. Reading is not necessarily believing in this case but this is one of the author's better blends. It's the tale of Dina, married into the Chandler family and unaware of the fact that her husband Glen is the twin of the demonic Glynis who, in turn, was married to Dina's previous love, Trent McIntyre. And Trent and Glynis have a son, adroitly manipulated by Glynis here in her efforts to destroy Dina and Glen's relationship. Glynis is vicious and intimidating. . . is she capable of murder? And she is the star of the eccentric, artistic Chandler clan. . . would they protect her? With witch balls and devil's cues and paranoid possessions The Winter People will keep the womenfolk chilled and thrilled.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday