THE QUICKSILVER POOL by Phyllis A. Whitney


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A respectful attitude towards history and a respectable feeling for people marks this story of the winter and summer of 1862-3 on Staten Island. Wade Tyler, recovering from war wounds, brings Lora home as his second wife and reverts to his old submission to his demanding mother. Lora works to win the love of Jemmy, his eight-year old son, works, too, to learn the mystery of Virginia's death and discovers the evil intent of the dead woman's sister, Morgan, who has always wanted Wade. Morgan's insistence that Wade join the Knights of the Golden Circle awakens his interest; Jemmy's yearning for a puppy mixes in with the politics; Lora, when a neighbor woos her, discovers that she is falling in love with Wade; and when the draft riots break out, learns that he has not been deceived by Vallandigham and his Circle's treason, and is working only for the Union. With the burning of Morgan's house and her confession about the truth of her sister's death, Lora finds Wade has finally turned away from his dead love and truly wants her, his living one. A spunky piece, Lora, whose many problems are resolved in believable terms and who is backgrounded by plausible characters, history and place. For that more conservative market out of patience with currently too well fleshed historical novels, this will be welcome.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1955
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts