THE NATURAL THING by Pieter Fosburgh


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What may seem like a dry subject to many, particularly confirmed urbanites, this collection of pieces is handled with interest by the author, editor of New York State's Department of Conservation magazine. Somewhat less than a trained conservationist, Fosburgh has spent many years translating into laymen's terms the language of the biologist, forester, botanist, and other scientists who determine and implement conservation policies. In addition to discussions of the problems of abandoned lands, helpful hints to landowners, conservation of deer and other wildlife, he gives an exciting account of the disastrous forest fire of 1953 in the Cold River area of upstate New York. And the frantic effort to clear firefighting paths before fire struck and the success of that effort is another exciting episode.... It may-but should not be-fenced off by the sub-title, Essays on Conservation as it has a more general outdoor interest.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1959
Publisher: Macmillan