THE SUZY-Q by Prisollia Hardison
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The story of a bomber and its eight-ma crew, as told by the wife of the pilot. From the shakedown flight, the trip out to Java via Africa and the action en route, the discouraging situation in the Pacific, with no replacements, no reinforcements, playing a lone wolf game with the dependable Dutch, against Jap shipping, convoys, bases and air attacks. Then the evacuation to Australia, reorganization, and the tight coordination of group attack. The ""milk run"" to Rabaoul, coming down in the bush, the combat schedule, -- well equipped, well organized, in spite of tremendous demands on men and machinery low in casualties and losses. Finally, the return to the United States with some 2000 flying hours and a high score of destruction in Jap shipping and Zeros. A record of proven endurance and bravery, told with love and affection, but never mawkish. The contrasts with life going on at home gives a three dimensional picture of nine months of action, and marks this as different from the routine. Women will like this as well as men.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1943
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin