MEET MR. BLANK by R. G. Waldeck


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This is not a book of personal opinion -- nor a blueprint for a post-war program for Germany, but it is built on the assumption that some German will have to hold the position that Ersberger held following World War I, and that it should be a strong German, a right German, who would be able to make the peace terms palatable to the country, keep it from defeatist chaos, and remove all vestiges of . Waldeck analyses the prototypes from whom Germany's new leader, Mr. Blank, might be chosen. Possible candidates, with specific examples past and present of each class or point of view: - Hollenzeliera restoration (Louis Ferdinand as a possibility); a General () more likely to be a menace than an assurance of peace; a Bureaucrat or Industrialist- a Laborite or Socialist, questionable, because of the absorption of certain phases of their program by National Socialism; a refugee, no (Bruning, Rauschning, Stressor), a Communist, possibly; the retention of a high Nazi, as a compromise measure; Schact, as the German Talleyrand; a real Liberal (hard to find, as Germany has not been educated for liberalism, and their one venture, the Weinar Republic, was a failure). Interesting as a projection of possibilities, with parallels from history.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1943
Publisher: Putnam