EARTH IN MOTION: The Concept of Plate Tectonics by R. V. Fodor

EARTH IN MOTION: The Concept of Plate Tectonics

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With the dual authority of a university (North Carolina State) geologist and Glomar Challenger veteran and also a talent for writing clearly for children, Fodor provides an intelligent, to-the-point explanation of plate tectonics that is unique at this level. Integrating the theory's history, the 200-million-year history of continental drift itself, and explanations of relevant concepts, he delves painlessly into the earth's lithosphere and asthenosphere (newer divisions than crust and mantle), the formation of island arcs and mountain ranges, and the magnetic ""stripes"" along the midocean ridges (""like tree rings"" in the way they record development)--consistently employing phrases and images that will make their point to young readers. And the text is ably supplemented by Holden's clarifying, and aptly placed, captioned drawings.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1978
Publisher: Photos by John C. Holden Morrow