SIXTH SENSE by Ramona Stewart


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But there was a killing, Daddy! At the same time that I dreamed it!"" Now you know the entire plot--and the general tone--of this skimpy FSP melodrama. After a bop on the head, art student Nancy, daughter of divorced actress Shirley, has visions and hot flashes whenever the Greenwich Village Slasher strikes. At first, of course, no one believes--so Nancy must have a battery of neurological tests and a bout with a shrink. But when Nancy reports her next dream (about a Slasher victim with a blonde wig and a leopard coat) before the police find the next body (a Slasher victim with a blonde wig and a leopard coat), she's taken seriously; especially seriously by the psycho Slasher himself, who hears about her powers and follows her to her father's New England farm for a finale of bloodletting and hostage-holding. It's all been done before, often and (most recently in Greenburg's Love Kills, 1978) better.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1979
Publisher: Delacorte