HOW DOES IT GROW? by Ray- Illus. Bethers


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Because of a general exclusion of important facts, the author's skimpy presentation is more incomplete than accurate. Sugar may come from a tall plant, but where does it grow? Orange trees may be 15 feet tall, but how are oranges selected and graded, and how are they shipped? Mr. Bethers skips and hits through 18 different growing things. His concentration on native production of the various produce does not hint at the vast and heavily mechanized farms in underdeveloped areas. Except for rare instances and only in the case of transportation, is the importance of machinery even suggested. Written with limited vocabulary, the text consists of monotonous sentences grouped in choppy paragraphs. Mr. Bethers depicts his world of growth in ceaseless green, ever green; the mountains, trees and plants are lifeless and flat. This is the fourth title in the Our World series, preceded by What Happens In The Sky (1963. p. 660, -222).

Pub Date: Dec. 18th, 1963
Publisher: St Martin's Press