HURRICANE'S WAKE: Around the World in a Ketch by Ray Kauffman
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HURRICANE'S WAKE: Around the World in a Ketch

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Our nautical expert reports:- ""Put this down as a 'must' for the sea-going shelf. It's in a class with Robinson's 20000 Leagues over the Sea and the other notables of round the world cruising. It is escape reading of the highest order, packed with adventure, engagingly written. The crew were neither celibate in the Celebes nor sober in Singapore and I doubt if they were strictly monagamous in Malay (but probably polygamous in Polynesia.) There is -- in addition -- a touch of shipwreck and of other ingredients that make for good adventure. This book has good sales possibilities in a market outside the yachting fraternity. Personal experience in good measure for those that like a good yarn."" Not for Public Libraries.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1940
Publisher: Macmillan