LET'S GO INTO POLITICS by Raymond E. Baldwin


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A chatty, informative, autobiographical guide by a former governor of Connecticut. Although almost entirely at the state and local level, Mr. Baldwin's preferred advice -- from how to begin by offering one's services as a precinct helper in local elections, to the pros and cons of political patronage -- is sincerely and wholesomely given. He discusses the necessary personality traits --discretion, a genuine liking for people; town hall and local government, state government, party bosses, legislature sessions, conventions, campaigns, the problems of the governor's office, the duties of citizenship, and he pleasantly intersperses his material with appropriate personal anecdotes. A lawyer and a Republican -- a rather tame one, his book is of no great import to the political world, but it will make interesting entertainment for those who want to enter the field.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1952
Publisher: Macmillan