REVOLT IN THE MAFIA by Raymond Martin


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This book properly should be reviewed by Larry Gallo, a head Mafia hood, but he is in hiding following a two-year power struggle with present Mafia heads. The Mafia is a world-wide crime syndicate which controls narcotics importation and distribution, the sports and juke-box rackets, gambling rackets, systematic and grand-scale burglary, etc., etc. Although the mob leaders have periodic congresses for policy-making (most recently in Miami), many people think the Mafia doesn't exist. The New York City police department always takes a position of official doubt, while the FBI and Federal Narcotics Bureau operate on the theory that there is a national crime cartel. Mr. Martin's belief that the Mafia does exist stems from his war, against it in South Brooklyn when he was sent in as chief trouble-shooter to investigate an enormous proliferation of unsolved killings. Larry and Joe Callo, the biggest Brooklyn hoods, were in revolt against Joe Profaci, the national bigshot since Lucky Luciano, Vito Genevese and Frank Costello were either deported or imprisoned. Evidence is that Joe Profaci himself, sick with cancer, went slightly mad and started shooting up the Gallo boys as fast as they hit him. The Gallo boys lost. At present, Joe is locked up and Larry hiding and Profaci dead. Mr. Martin's prose clicks like an empty revolver, but he covers the gangland terrain and some 20 or 30 shootings thoroughly. Readable.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce