CARRY ME BACK by Rebecca Yancey Williams
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Further chronicles of the family of ""the vanishing Virginian"" as his daughter recalls her own life in Lynohburg, the country summers in 1913-1914 (edited from her 15-year old diary). Father figures prominently; then there are Mother and the other six children, but the outstanding newcomers are Lucille, a young relative who annexes every male on sight and gives Rebecca her first knowledge of romance, and young Carter Blandford her first beau, who appears to be faithless. Rebecca is a non-conformist when it comes to ladylike of rules of conduct; she rebels at wearing hand-me-downs; she tries to keep Lucille from knowing what barbarians her family must seem, and she breaks her heart over Lucille's pdillo and her elopement, with the wrong man! There's humor and sentiment without sentimentality: there's just a touch of the Clarence Day recapturing of place and period; there's good characterization and omnipresent misadventures and adventures of a big family. Pleasant, with ample entertainment value, and -- with the record of success of its predecessor, assurance of space and attention.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1942
Publisher: Dutton