LE FEU AUX POUDRES: Igniting The Fuse by RenÉ Jouglet

LE FEU AUX POUDRES: Igniting The Fuse

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An exciting and timely adventure story of present day China -- at the outbreak of the ""undeclared"" war with Japan. Lauderdale, British special agent, is the principal character -- attempting to prevent hostilities between the two countries which will injure English interests in China. In love with the sister-in-law of General Chen, Cantonese warlord who is aggravating the situation and provoking ChianG-Kai-shek to unite with him against Japan, Lauderdale is betrayed to Chen by his Chinese mistress --and though once saved by a Russian representative, he dies at the turning point of an international flare-up. Based on fairly sound factual background, filled with international intrigue, a vigorous picture of China in tension, all combine to raise this far above the usual run of ""derring-do"" yarns.

Publisher: Grasset