DON SEGUNDO SOMBRA (Shadows on the Pampas) by Ricardo Guiraldes
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DON SEGUNDO SOMBRA (Shadows on the Pampas)

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An epic of the pampas, sincere and simple in its telling, fraught with a rich philosophy, love of nature, religion, drama and humor. Vivid in style, though occasionally a bit ""Latin"", in over-richness of imagery. The central character is a boy who refuses to take to the restrictions of his old ""aunts"" in the small town in the Argentine which is the setting of the tale, and who strikes out for himself, following his idol, Don Segundo, whom he had rescued from an ambushed drunken half-breed with a knife. Together they follow the lot of roving gauchos -- or harders -- on the pampas, wandering from job to job. You are plunged into the thrilling life of cattle round ups and drives, of horse races and cook fights, of country dances, of quarrels in which the deadly Argentinian knife is the weapon. You drink countless cups of mate! you learn the beauty and rigor of the pampas and share the perils and hardships of the gaucho life. Throughout runs the splendid character of Don Segundo, rich in kindness, skill, experience and philosophy. A book for those who will enjoy an authentic picture of Argentinian life, for those who like Westerns of the better type, for those who were fascinated by Tshiffely's Ride.

Pub Date: Jan. 14th, 1935
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart