MOLES CAN DANCE by Richard Edwards


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Underground, the moles are doing their mole-work of digging tunnels. But one young mole is bored with the job and wants to learn to dance. The other moles admonish him. ""Moles don't dance,"" they say. ""Moles can't dance."" Young mole doesn't believe them, so he scampers out of the dark tunnel and begins to ask all the animals he meets if they can teach him to dance. Things are not so simple, though. Cow can't dance, nor can frog, fox, or woodpecker. Finally, the mole stumbles upon a dancing child in a garden. He watches how she spins, twirls, and tumbles. Soon, he is on his way back home, practicing all the steps he has learned. The other animals are shocked to see a mole dancing, but the moles are intrigued. Pretty soon, all the moles are dancing by the light of the climbing moon. With its intricate, adorable illustrations of moles and other animals and its satisfying story line, this is a pleasing tale that will encourage children to listen to the stirrings of their own hearts and minds.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1994
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Candlewick