QUIET KINGDOM by Richard Hubler


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A novel, with a story well integrated into the background of Caribbean island life, with a philosophical searching into the motivations of human lives, that for all its length, and frequent over-writing, has characters and ideas of some individuality... Michael Goff, having lost a hand in an accident, quits his newspaper job and heads for a ""helping of quiet"" in his boat. A storm casts him up on an island ruled by Dame Scott, whose domain is further invaded by a visionary, Lengyel, his wife and children. Michael becomes the romantic interest of Dame Scott's daughters and Lengyel's girl- while he learns that meddling in island ways leads to danger, death and trouble. It is a late hurricane that sends Michael to his fate, leaving Dame Scott and Lengyel's son to rebuild the wrecked island. Romantic adventure in tropical setting.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1947
Publisher: Rinehart