THE REAL WEST MARGINAL WAY: A Poet's Autobiography by Richard Hugo

THE REAL WEST MARGINAL WAY: A Poet's Autobiography

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The late Richard Hugo presents himself and his poetry in a series of essays written at different periods in this life. Truly a man of the people who made himself a post, he is a writer we are glad to know. This collection has been carefully assembled and will win new friends for this writer. No one seems to have much use for poets nowadays; however, those readers who still wish to accept the challenge of the author's intoxication with matching words to feelings will enjoy this idiosyncratic craftsman whose descriptions have power and meaning. Hugo came from a working-class' Seattle family and was raised by two grim, hard-working grandparents. He discusses his past and many of his personal problems with great directness and honesty; those of his readers who have sweated, suffered and survived, will find him a rewarding companion on life's odyssey. Hugo uses many of his poems to illustrate specific experiences and moods in his life, of things close to the ordinary person: houses, rooms, trees, baseball, the weather, people, war and love. Never a celebrated literary figure, Hugo's work is something made to last and reading him will encourage and revivify the weariest of us. An uplifting record of pain and joy.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1986
ISBN: 039330860X
Publisher: Norton